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DG Fuels gets offtake from Airbus

Airbus will offtake production from DG’s first plant in the US, on which it plans to reach FID in early 2024.

Airbus has become a strategic partner with DG Fuels to produce SAF from cellulosic waste, according to a news release.

The partnership with Airbus supports DG’s goal of launching an equity process and reaching FID on building its first SAF plant in the US. The decision would be expected by early 2024.

“In this context, Airbus and DGF have agreed for a portion of the production of the first plant to benefit Airbus’ customers,” the release states.

Resource previously reported that DG Fuels was aiming to build a proprietary network of 30 to 50 sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production facilities in North America.

DG’s plant aims to have an initial production capacity of 120m gallons of SAF per year on average. Its production system is based entirely on cellulosic waste products like wood waste from the logging industry, and renewable energy sources.

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