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Mitsubishi to participate in Louisiana DAC project

Mitsubishi will join a DAC project in Louisiana, where Shell is leading engineering and deployment.

Mitsubishi Corporation will participate in the Pelican Gulf Coast Carbon Removal Project, according to a news release.

The project, whose participants include Louisiana State University, Shell, and the University of Houston, aims to eliminate 1 million tons of CO2 annually through DAC and underground storage.

The US Department of Energy awarded a grant for the project feasibility study in 2023.

Through the project, MC collaborates with multiple third-party DAC technology companies in order to identify innovative technologies anticipated to substantially lower costs, advancing the technology maturation through detailed evaluation and engineering works with the goal of facilitating the early commercialization of DAC.
This project will be in collaboration with Shell US Gas & Power, who is leading the overall engineering and deployment as part of the project. The project scope centers on a feasibility study that includes evaluating the performance of multiple DAC technologies by demonstrations, supporting DAC technology companies as they design deployments, investing in prioritized distinct DAC technologies, and identifying opportunities to reduce the energy, water, and land resources required for carbon removal, as well as defining the technology needs for future deployment at scale.
MC is committed to contributing to the achievement of a carbon-neutral society. This includes plans to utilize captured CO2 as feedstock for producing synthetic fuels such as e-natural gas and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on a long-term basis, while also aiming for the global expansion of the DAC business.

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